Mrs. Downs

Mrs. Downs has a Google Classroom which is accessed thru Clever and is also available on Class  DoJo. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to her!

May 21

Summer reading is FUN!

The Rapid City Public Library starts their summer reading program June 1st. You can get details online or by calling the library.

BAM! has a reading program, too. It features Dav Pilkey, the creator of the Dog Man books and Captain Underpants.

Mitzi’s Books has some indie books for kids you’ll want to check out.

And don’t forget the many links to reading online!

So many options!

May 19

Hi, kids and families! Take a look around our virtual library classroom – how it looks today! 😀

May 15

Ok, kids! I had some fun creating a virtual classroom for you! Come on in and have a look around! Click on the links to explore!

May 14

This has been bugging me for years! Find out how I finally defeated my insect foe!
IMS What is Aphids
When you’re done watching this video, check out the choice board “Incredible Insect Info” for more cool facts and videos!

May 12

It’s such a gray, humdrum day. Let’s explore! You’ve got three choices, so which will it be? Antarctica? The world’s largest cave? Mars? You decide!

May 8th

Bad Kitty Wash Hands

Check this out, kids! Link to Download Free Book

May 4th

May the 4th be with You

May the 4th be with you! 😀 Have some fun with these Star Wars sites!


May 1st


South Park families and teachers – check this out! There is an online “Everywhere Book Fest” today and Saturday. Some fun activities are in store for you. (A picture book draw-off and a Doodle Duel are just two of the sessions!) What fun!

May 1st

Bernoulli's Principle Air Flow

I threw something away – but it came right back to me!
What was it? Find out – and then make one yourself!

April 28th

Yearbook Order Flyer1

Hey, South Park families! It’s yearbook ordering time! It can be ordered online. The info is on the flyer – but I’ll post a link to the publisher’s website, too. I can’t wait to order my copy! I need to see all those lovely faces I have missed so much!

Order here: Use code 49348F.

April 28th

Longest Bone in Body.

Whoa! I have sooooo many questions today! Let’s find some answers!

April 4/23

Counting krill? How hard can it be? Let’s look!

Here’s the video for some penguin art!

April 4/21

Emoji Picture Book

April 21

What happens when you swallow a bug at breakfast? Let’s find out! The silly story, BUZ, takes us on the bug’s adventure! After the story, try the fun, buggy art project!


April 16

Ok, kids! Let’s find some poetry! No pencils required. It’s fun, too! Watch this video for a quick how-to. This is the website discussed.


April 14

Hi, kids! Are you ready to start reading and creating? I sure hope the answer is YES! 🙂

It’s National Poetry Month. Let’s be poets for a spell!

Check out this fun formula poem, and then go to to write your own.
(Plus, there are many fun ideas there of different poems to try!)

5 W’s Poetry!

Question Mark

It’s as easy as. . . . . an Apple Pie Poem!

Apple Pie

“George” by Mrs. Downs

There was George.   – 1st line explains WHO.

He licked his lips. –  2nd line explains WHAT the who was doing.

The fairgrounds grew quiet. – 3rd line explains WHERE it happened.

Tuesday was “Apple Pie Eating Contest” day. – 4th line explains WHEN.

And George was ten-time champ! – 5th line explains WHY it happened.


Now you have some fun! Write your own 5w’s poem! Go to this site and click on “Poetry Machine.”


April 14

Spring break is over, kids! South Park teachers and staff have missed you. It’s time to get back to online/distance learning! You can do it, Panthers!


April 2

Hello, South Park families! This snowy day seems made for curling up with a good book! I chose “The School Nurse from the Black Lagoon!” Let me know what you are reading in the comments! 😀


March 30

Hello, South Park families! All IMS happenings are moving to Google Classroom. (You can get to Google Classroom on Clever.)


March 27

Lego3 Lego Challenge Lego2

South Park students are so creative!! Take a look at what they made! I’d love to see and share more Lego creations. Keep the photos coming! Such great imagination!

Lego Lego4

March 26

Hello, wonderful South Park! Here is a great spot to find some wonderful books to read online! It’s called Epic! And boy, it is Epic! 😀 The link is on the classroom IMS website. Have fun reading!


March 25

Hello! I’ve been researching escape rooms and have found one I think you’ll love! It’s free, fun, and features Dog Man! Try this. Let me know if you escape!


March 24


Hello, my wonderful South Park kids and parents! I just wanted to let you know that the IMS pages on Clever have lots of updated sites! Check out the top line of the “Home” page! There are a lot of wonderful virtual tours, science activities, and more!
I sure do miss all of you!
~ Mrs. Downs


March 20

Good Morning South Park Families,

Please feel free to share with your students, our amazing IMS teacher Mrs.Downs reading Judy and the Volcano for you to enjoy! We sure miss their smiling faces!


March 16

Complete book bingo for Mrs. Downs during our break and receive a brownie bash during class!