May 14

Play your favorite sport today! Send your classroom teacher a picture if you can! For you basketball lovers, remember our shooting technique. Here is a video showing the proper form.
Have a great day!

May 12

Good morning! Here is a link to a May activity calendar. You can follow the current days activity or pick whichever you like. Also this is an activity you can do with grocery store bags. Use them like the scarfs we use in PE. The last challenge in the video is what we did in PE with a partner. Have fun!

May 7

Okay, let’s continue on with our Pacer tests. Today is push-ups and curl ups (sit ups). Here are links demonstrating the proper form. Push ups are difficult for this age group so just try your best with proper form (on your hands and toes), then try again on your hands and knees. Go until you have to take a break, that will be your score. Ask a family member to help hold your feet down during the sit ups if you need to.
Good luck!

May 5

Hello! Normally at this time of year we would be doing our Pacer test to check our endurance. Here is a video to remind you of how it goes. Try and make a version of this at home. You can run the length of your house, down your hallway, or mark off 20 big steps anywhere you’d like. See how long you can run back and forth without stopping. Challenge yourself to go longer the next time. Good luck!

April 30

It’s going to be a beautiful day! Let’s go for a walk, jog, bike ride, etc.!
If you can’t get out of the house today, here’s a link to some indoor workouts. Pick one or more to try out. Have a great day kids!


April 28

Okay, here’s me doing one of these darn TikTok videos! This one is a plank challenge. Planking is basically holding yourself in a push-up position. It gets difficult quickly. See if you can follow along or even make your own to whatever music you like.
Good luck.

April 23

Let’s see those workout pictures! Post a picture of you doing any kind of workout to your class story or portfolio!

Here’s today’s activity. Let’s work on our throwing skills. Make sure to use both your right hand and left hand! You can also do some overhand throws or basketball type shots.


P.E. Throwing

April 21

Let’s give yoga a try! We haven’t done that in PE but I bet you’ll find it harder than you think:)


April 16

Here’s a simple at home activity with minimal materials:)
Balloon Tennis


April 14

Welcome back! Here is a link to some PE ideas to get the kiddos moving 🙂

P.E. At Home Ideas

Welcome back from spring break!  I hope everyone is doing okay and ready to learn from home. I have attached more links to give you more PE ideas.  If you’re getting bored or need a break from your learning, jump up and do one of these short activities!


This video focuses on catching, by improving your hand/eye coordination.  It starts off at a Kindergarten level then progresses higher.


Bottle Flip Challenge:  Challenge a brother, sister, or parent to a bottle flip challenge.  There’s a catch though… you have to earn your flips😊


This video has wide range of one-minute drills, perfect for getting your heart rate up and getting some oxygen to the brain.  These drills focus on many of the skills we have worked on in PE!


Remember, you can always be creative with your workouts.  If your family goes for a walk, hike, etc., that counts!  Just remember to practice your social distancing and stay safe!

I miss all of you kids greatly,

Mr. Divan


April 1

Hello parents and students! This link is an April calendar of quick workouts that kids can do everyday. Because they are short workouts, they would be perfect “brain breaks” while students are in the middle of their other academic work. Getting up and moving gets the heart pumping and circulates oxygen to the brain, which helps think more clearly. (For the Wednesday baseball task, do your best if you don’t have the equipment, or substitute for another workout)
Mr. Divan

April Calendar

P.E. April Fitness Challenge
P.E. Crunches, Push Ups, Wall Sits, Baseball


March 30

Good morning kids! Here’s a brainpop video to help you learn about the virus we’re all dealing with right now. There’s also another video about keeping your immune system strong. This will help you avoid getting sick!

Miss you all!
Mr. Divan


March 23

Good morning parents and students! Attached is an activity log to track your P.E. activity this week. I realize it can be hard to stay active when we’re stuck at home like this. Do your best to get up and move everyday! Have a parent sign the log to verify you did your activity. Feel free to get creative with your workouts! Shoveling, bicycling, playing sports, etc., all count as an activity:) Can’t wait to see you again soon!

P.E. Activity Log
Mr. Divan


March 19

Beachbody has come together and created kids workout videos for families to enjoy with their children, while they are out of school and miss their normal PE and recess time! You do not need a beachbody membership to access these videos they are free for anyone to enjoy! Click the link below to start!


March 16

Good morning! Remember to keep your child working on their academics and physical activity this week.

P.E. Class

Stay active during the break!  Below are some links to have your child follow along to.  Try to have them active for an hour a day and eating nutritious meals.  Also, all of our students were given jump ropes in February.  Jumping rope is an excellent way to get heart rates up!


Kindergarten-2nd grade:

Just Dance Kids 2 – I’m a Gummy Bear

GoNoodle – Snap Along with the Addams Family

GoNoodle – Run The Red Carpet – Hot Ticket

34 Minutes of KIDZ BOP Dance Along Videos

Have a Blast With This Family Fun Cardio Workout!


3rd-5th grade:

GoNoodle – Run The Red Carpet – Hot Ticket

GoNoodle – Rock Out – Fresh Start Fitness

KIDZ BOP Kids – Old Town Road (Dance Along)

34 Minutes of KIDZ BOP Dance Along Videos

Have a Blast With This Family Fun Cardio Workout!


Mr. Divan