Colorful Music Notes

Zoom Meetings:

Monday, Wednesday & Fridays 9-10am

Tuesday & Thursdays 1-2pm

Come to all or mix & match classes!

E-mail if you don’t have the Zoom login information from Class DoJo.

Music Moving Forward 

Sittin’ Covid Style

Teacher Summer Song

May 20

Saturday In The Park – Mr. Johnston’s 2020 Version



May 19

Final Project: Sittin’ Covid Style

May 11

Join us this Wednesday at 9am to perform our final project. I’m calling it

“Sittin’ on the ZOOM all day”.
Students are also encouraged to record themselves singing the song. Instructions on how to do that today at 9am and tomorrow at 1pm. Anyone is welcome to join!
The Song

May 6


We created new lyrics to Sittin’ on the Doc of the Bay (Otis Redding) to reflect our covid-19 feelings.


  1. Listen to this recording and practice the song
  2. Use headphones to play the recording while you record your voice with your phone
  3. Email me the recording of your voice.
  4. We will all zoom meet and record the video together on May 13th at 9am


Please attend my normal zoom meetings to learn how to record yourself. I will answer any questions.

May 5

Here’s a song to ring in SUMMER!

Chicago 1973- Saturday in the Park

Mr. J’s Video


Sheet Music

April 29th


Our Version –  This is how to do the full cycle.

In class, students from kindergarten through 2nd grade have been practicing a cycle of songs that takes us back to the origins of American music, the BLUES. If we trace back all of the music we have today, it all stems from this genre of music, created by African Americans through the hardship they endured being brought to this country in the early 20th century. The examples of this are innumerable as the blues developed into something that has driven all music since, ROCK n ROLL! Fat’s Domino starts us off with 2 songs that exemplify sad feelings of the blues and the feel good rhythms of BOOGIE WOOGIE!

Walkin’ To New Orleans:

Walkin’- Sometimes a boogie woogie really gets your body moving!

Walking on the moon- Moving forward in time and drawing from another style that stems from the Blues, this Police song is all REGGAE!

Combine these songs and perform them all as one big cycle! You will get a small glimpse into the power of this uniquely American music, The BLUES.


One more reference to finish the cycle (may be scary for young children)- The wicked witch of the west provides a finale to this cycle! From the original “Wizard of Oz”, Feel free to just melt, or….. learn these “wretched” lyrics to finish!


“You cursed rat! Look what you’ve done, I’m MELTING. What a world what a world… Who would have thought a cute little girl like you could destroy my beautiful wickedness!!! MELTING…..”



Our Version –  This is how to do the full cycle.


Band and Orchestra students:

I am including pdf’s of some of our school songs for you to learn on your instrument! Come join us and play while you zoom instead of singing!!!

Mellow Monday

April 27th

Monday Music

April 20th

Let’s Dance!

For students that can’t make zoom music meetings on MWF, I am including a Tues/Thursday time.

You can either join on MWF from 9-10am
Tuesday, Thursday 1-2pm
Or any combination. Join when you can!

The meeting content will be similar but if you want to join for them all

you are welcome (practice makes perfect)!

I will now be posting to my own music webpage from now on. Check it out for new content and songs.

Let’s Dance – David Bowie

Let’s Dance – Kids Dance Moves

Let’s Dance! – Mr. J

Hope to see you tomorrow at 1pm!

April 17th

Friday Zoom:

We will be working on the new dance!

I am looking for a new time to do zoom meetings. Suggestions???

April 15th

Don’t forget to DANCE!
Music Zoom: Wednesday/Friday 9-10am


Music zoom meeting EXPECTATIONS😊
1. PARTICIPATE. We’re here to have some fun. Join us. (all students, parents, teachers welcome)
2. Keep the video on and muted unless called on. Please don’t use the chat function.
3. Be respectful and patient so we can see what everyone has been working on.

*Before our zoom meeting please watch this video “Let’s Dance”-David Bowie:
**Assignment due Friday: The video is filmed in Australia (the land down under)! Do some online research and be ready to tell me something unique about Australia.
I will post a description of the video and a dance tutorial asap. (the video I made didn’t work…)
And a video of the creators of this dance showing how its done!

April 3rd

ONE MORE TIME: Here is a link to practice the song with me:

And here is a link to the audio only. Use this to record your own version! Would love to see it!

The lyrics are attached.

April 1st

Here are some links to the songs we will practice today:

Lovely Day – Mr. J Practicing 
Lovely day (Bill Withers)

Secret Life of Pets Version

One More Time (Daft Punk)


Zoom meeting at 9am!

Here is a video version of lovely day if you can’t make the meeting:

I will create audio versions of the songs for you to make your own videos as well. I will post asap!

March 20th

As the week ends, it seems most days look the same for the foreseeable future. I still am glad we have this song to get through! Be in LOVE this Friday!


March 30th

Music Moving Forward
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9-10am ZOOM meetings!
(starting wed this week)
Monday and Wednesday we can sing and do activities and Friday is a chance to show me what music you did each week!

week of 3/30 Assignment:

1.Listen to the music memory pieces

~ 3rd & 4th Grade

~ 5th Grade

2. Choose a piece of music and create art, lyrics, or dance to reflect what you hear.

My examples are below:



Interpretive Dance

3. Come to the zoom meeting Friday and show me what you did!

March 19th

Mr. J here. I uploaded a video of me and my kids performing “footloose”. Now a children’s book about how animals at the zoo PARTY after hours!
Kenny Loggins performing LIVE!:
A read aloud version (boring but you can see the pages):
– And for the older kids (you thought you could dance)
this was the year I was born… 19??

March 18th

Do some classical music listening today! Here is a great page with all the ‘music memory’ links. Good for listening while you study at any age.
3rd-4th Music Memory
5th Music Memory

March 16th

I hope you are all up and ready to learn on this “Mellow Monday”! I have included a video example of this song from the illustrious Mr. Redetzke’s class. Check out the video and then use the audio link to try it for yourself!
Extra credit for any video submission of your own performance of the song. Even better, teach it to one of your family members and have them join you to perform.
Please submit videos to your individual classroom dojo.
-Mr J

After you take time to read some books and work on some really challenging math problems, take a break and GIT UP!