Posted 4/29/20
Hello 5th Grade Band Families!
I MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH!  I hope that you are ALL happy, safe, & healthy.  I hope that you are practicing your instruments every day and that you are finding joy in the practicing.
I am here for you.  I have an online zoom meeting every day Monday-Friday 1:30-2:00.  You are welcome to join me any time!  The log in is Password can be found in messages on Family Access or I can e-mail it if requested.
I look forward to seeing you at South next year in Band.  Please let me know if you have any questions about what that will look like.  It is going to be awesome!  We get to have band every day!
If you forgot to register for band or if it was confusing.  Please let me know and I can help – or you can call South MS 394-4024 to get yourself registered for band.
I miss you & hope you are well!
Mrs. Martin
Posted 4/1/20
South Park Band
I MISS YOU!!  I hope that you are healthy and safe!  Please continue to play your instrument every day.  You can play your Festival of Bands music or you can continue working in your red book.
My email is  You can email me anytime!  I also have online office hours every day from 1:30-2:00 at……
Please be safe!
Mrs. Martin