Music Bass & Treble
April 4/20
Dear Orchestra Students,
There are two scholarship applications due next week (4/30). One could pay for individual summer lessons for students enrolled in school next year, and the other for students heading for college next year. They both require letters of recommendation, so you need to get on it now! The sponsoring organization has a history of rejecting late or incomplete applications! Information is attached.

Summer Scholarships 2020

Jack Knowles Music Scholarship


April 4/29
Next Back Yard concert – Tuesday May the 4th.

April 4/22

Just when thought it was safe to in the water…..All-State Orchestra music has been released (and the Kraken!)
 A Google Classroom has been created for you to find and print the music; but, it’s still a work in progress! The music we have uploaded can be found on the Classwork page. You can view the pdf’s and print what you need. Currently, we do not have any etudes uploaded (that’s the work in progress!). This year you are going to need to purchase the etude books if you haven’t done so already. Pop on down to the Haggerty’s poop deck and get them. That Etude book will last you a long time….  If you cannot afford purchase one, let me know, and we will find a way to get you one, just let me know.

Joining the class is simple. You go to the and on the right hand side of the page you’ll see a “+” Click on that and then click “Join Class”. To join the class you will need a code:

Central and Stevens All-State Music Class Code: yqhyp47
You need to use your k12 email address to be added to the classroom.
And that’s it! We’ll continue to update the GC  with music as floats to the surface.

Music Sheets:


Bach – Viola

Bach – Voilin

Bile Cabbage – Bass

Bile Cabbage – Viola

Bile Cabbage – Violin

Ode To Joy Music Sheets – All Instruments

Scales – Bass

Scales – Cello

Scales – Viola

Scales – Violin