2020 Holiday Concerts!

4th Grade:

5th Grade:


Dear Parents of South Park 4th graders,

My name is Bruce Knowles, and I am the strings teacher here at South Park Elementary as well as Central High School. I am proud to say that I am starting my 40th year of string teaching. Although my first year was tough, this year will be the most challenging of all!

Even though I’m sure we will have to endure some disruptions this year, it is very important for the students to get a start on an instrument. If we are distance learning for an extended period of time, we will be using zoom, and an online component of our Method Book – Essential Elements called “Essential Elements Interactive”. Once we get going I will email you instructions on how to sign up, the only requirement is that you need to own a copy of the Essential Elements Method book(this is the same one the kids are using for class). The book has a code on the inside cover that is required to gain access to the online features.

Please read the attached letter, it will provide you with instrument procurement details. Make sure you fill in the enrollment section and send back to school with your child. I will be meeting them starting Monday the 28th, they must have the permission slip turned into their teacher to attend.

If they do not have the instrument yet, they can still come – if they have the permission slip.

I have also included a link to our recruiting video that the kids were shown this week in my presentation.

Our weekly schedule is:    Monday and Thursdays:

4th grade – 12:00-12:30- SP music room.

If we have a Monday Holiday, we will have orchestra on Tuesday and Friday.

Looking forward to working with your kids next week.


April 4/20
Dear Orchestra Students,
There are two scholarship applications due next week (4/30). One could pay for individual summer lessons for students enrolled in school next year, and the other for students heading for college next year. They both require letters of recommendation, so you need to get on it now! The sponsoring organization has a history of rejecting late or incomplete applications! Information is attached.

Summer Scholarships 2020

Jack Knowles Music Scholarship


April 4/29

Next zoom tomorrow 11:30-12:00, Next Back Yard concert – Tuesday May the 4th. Music attached
Bruce Knowles is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: South Park 4 and 5th Orchestra
Time: Apr 30, 2020 11:30 AM Mountain Time (US and Canada)
Meeting ID: 854 4108 9400
Password is located in your Family Access or I can e-mail it once requested.


April 4/22

Just when thought it was safe to in the water…..All-State Orchestra music has been released (and the Kraken!)
 A Google Classroom has been created for you to find and print the music; but, it’s still a work in progress! The music we have uploaded can be found on the Classwork page. You can view the pdf’s and print what you need. Currently, we do not have any etudes uploaded (that’s the work in progress!). This year you are going to need to purchase the etude books if you haven’t done so already. Pop on down to the Haggerty’s poop deck and get them. That Etude book will last you a long time….  If you cannot afford purchase one, let me know, and we will find a way to get you one, just let me know.

Joining the class is simple. You go to the classroom.google.com and on the right hand side of the page you’ll see a “+” Click on that and then click “Join Class”. To join the class you will need a code:

Central and Stevens All-State Music Class Code: yqhyp47
You need to use your k12 email address to be added to the classroom.
And that’s it! We’ll continue to update the GC  with music as floats to the surface.


Posted 4/1/20

Dear South Park String Students,

Your assignment for this week is to create an account with Essential Elements Interactive program.

You will be able to access playable and supplemental activities that go with your book. Please follow instructions below.

What you will need:

  • EEi School Code – provided by your teacher southparkorch98
  • EEi Student Activation Code – found on the title page of your EE Student Book

If you have what you need, click the button below to create your account:


If you need more information, view the tutorial below.


Step 1: EEi Student Sign-in (Create an Account)

Go to www.essentialelementsinteractive.com and select the Student Icon.

From there select Create an Account

Once your account is created, the Student Icon is where you will sign in every time.

Step 2: EEi School Code

Next, you will enter your EEi School Code – southparkorch98                            This school code will connect you to your teacher’s EEi Class. It is specific for your EEi Class and can be found in the My Account section of them Main EEi Teacher Account. This will be the same code for every student in that teacher’s account.

If you do not have an EEi School Code, check with your teacher.

Step 3: EEi Student ID

I chose to have you create your own account using only the EEi School Code: southparkorch98. You will still be connected to my account via the EEi School Code.

Select “I don’t have an EEi Student ID” and continue the set-up process.

Step 4: Terms and Student Activation Code

Agree to terms and enter the EEi Student Activation Code from your book.

This step simply verifies that you have your own personal copy of an Essential Elements Student Book. This is also where you will enter the Student Activation Code found on the title page of your EE Book.

One EEi Student Account is included with the purchase of an EE Student Book. Therefore, Student Activation Codes are good for one activation. Once you use this code, it can no longer be used to create an EEi account.

Step 5: Finish Account Creation & Confirm

For this final step, you will create a username and password. You will use this to log-in to your EEi Account from this point forward.

We strongly recommend writing this down in a safe place.

If you are creating the account without an EEi Student ID, you will also:

  • Enter your name
  • Select your instrument
  • Select your grade

You will confirm your account Information to finalize your account creation.

Final Tip: Enter an E-mail Address

Once you log-in to EEi, you will be prompted to enter an e-mail address. This is optional, but we recommend this for customer service purposes only and will allow you to use the Forgot Username/Password option if you ever forget your log-in information.

If your school e-mail blocks outside e-mail, we suggest putting in a parent e-mail for password recovery and customer service items.