Join us in congratulating Rick Redetzke from South Park Elementary.

He is South Park’s 2019-2020 Teacher of the Year nominee!



Some of the things our staff and families have said about this nomination!

“Congratulations Rick! You deserve this, you are such an amazing teacher.” ~ Randi L.

“One of the best teacher hearts I have ever known. That he gifted all three of my sons with reading and understanding in first grade has been elemental in their continued growth and success, academic and otherwise.” ~ Natalie S.

“Congratulations Rick!!! Your an amazing teacher and great with all the kids. Well deserved!” ~ Crystal L.

“Congratulations to one of the kindest and most helpful teachers I know!! You deserve this!!!” ~ Cathy P.

“Congratulations Rick. Your recognition is long overdue.” ~ Susan M.

“You truly are an incredible man and a fabulous teacher!! You are long overdue for this award!! Congratulations!” ~ Robin C.

“One of the best teachers around, he had my son in 1st grade and he still says that it was Rick who taught him to love books. Congratulations!!” ~ Debbie A.

“Congratulations Rick! So deserving!” ~ Shelby S.

“Outstanding, Mr. Redetzke! You are very deserving!” ~ Peggy A.

“Congratulations! Awesome teacher and person.” ~ Scott & Cheryl L.

“Congratulations Rick! Thanks for all you’ve done as an educator.” ~ Steve L.

“So awesome! He was my first grade teacher 19 years ago!” ~Kelsey D.

“Great choice – great person – great teacher!!!!” ~ Rick O.

“Way to go! You are definitely very deserving of this!!” ~ Mindy C.

“One of the best teachers!!! Congrats!!” ~ Amber M.

“Rick is an amazing teacher!!” ~ Yvette L.

“Outstanding educator and person!” ~ Rod H.

“Stellar teacher and human being!” ~ Kristy A.

“Seriously, the best!!!” ~ Erin G.

“Congratulations Rick!! You are such a gifted teacher and extremely caring person! You are very deserving of this honor!” ~ Jane R.

“Congratulations!!! Such a wonderful teacher!!!” ~ Justina P.

“Great teacher and person. Well deserved!!” ~ Chris G.

“Way to go, Rick! This is a well-deserved honor!” ~ Alayna S.

“Way to go Rick!!! You always have my vote.” ~ Don H.

“Mr. R I agree with Alayna and Natalie. You deserve this, you would get our vote. Congratulations.” ~ Kim S.

With lots more ‘congratulations’ from our

South Park Family and Community! You have our vote!