Music Memory 3rd & 4th Grade Winners

The 21st annual Music Memory Competition was held this past Saturday at Stevens High School. 

Two teams from South Park competed to show their knowledge of Classical Music. 

The third and fourth grade team members were: Cadence Peterson, Ryder Seager, Peter Sales, Cecelia Duinkherjav, and Ben DeSersa.  They made it to the final round and won a 1st prize trophy for our school! 


Music Memory 5th Grade with McNabb


The fifth grade team members were: Tiger Duinkherjav, Easton Graff, Corbin Sparby, Brennan Huffman, and Raymond Placek.  Tiger, Easton, and Corbin recieved 3 year pins for being in the Music Memory Competition for three years. 

All of our students did a fantastic job, were very respectful, and represented South Park so well.  We are so proud of them!!